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Your luggage is in good hands - Eelway

A luggage free day

Luggage transfer between your hotel, train stations and airports

A partnership between Eelway and 10 bis Hotel

1. Book

Book your luggage storage and transfer online, in less than 5 minutes

2. Drop

Luggage is sealed then transferred to a secured warehouse before delivery

3. Collect

Get your luggage back anywhere and anytime you want, stations and airports included.

Enjoy your stay without your luggage

Long-term storage available

Select your specific case :

1 - Luggage collected at your arrival

An Eelway concierge waits for you and collect your luggage as soon as you get off your train or your plane.

2 - Delivery at your hotel

Enjoy your first day while your luggage is waiting for you at your hotel 10 bis Hotel

1 - Leave your luggage at the reception

At the time of your departure, leave your luggage at the reception of the hotel 10 bis Hotel, Eelway will come to collect them

2 - Delivery anywhere

Enjoy your first day hile your luggage is waiting for you at your hotel 10 bis Hotel

Luggage storage & transfer From/To

Paris Train stations and airports

Lyon Train stations and airports

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